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You'll Love Our Ice Cream

Our gourmet, super-premium ice cream ships from The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company in Madison, Wisconsin. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is a five-time LA International Dairy Competition Gold Medalist, a one-time LA International Dairy Competition Silver Medalist, and—for the second year in a row—a Gold Medalist at the Best of Madison Competition. We rotate between a variety of unique flavors at the end of each and every season. To read more about The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company:

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But what is “super-premium” ice cream, exactly? Simple. Whereas our competitors skimp on cream and puff up their product with air, Chocolate Shoppe does the exact opposite: they deliver less air and more cream, resulting in a rich and balanced gourmet treat. Chocolate Shoppe further enhances their ice cream by using all-natural ingredients and more butterfat than the next brand—culminating in a creamy, delectable finish you just can’t find in stores.

That's super-premium in a nutshell, but as we like to say, “A taste is worth a thousand words.” Head on down to Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe and taste the gourmet difference for yourself!

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Opening Hours

Monday -- Thursday - 12 PM to 9 PM

Friday -- Saturday - 12 PM to 10 PM

Sunday -- 1 PM to 9 PM